Hardest button to button

Me at 4:25 am this morning after finally finishing my button packaging.

Oh the life of graphic design. I assure you, I worked really hard on this project from when it was assigned until I finished it last night despite the last minute-ness. I toyed with all sorts of ideas, arranged buttons, made mock-ups, and just never ended up happy. Out of all my ideas, I liked this one the best and thought it was the most reasonable for numerous reasons. However, there is room for improvement. I’ll consider telling you more about it later after sleeping.

In other news, so tomorrow will be my first post for my English class that I briefly mentioned earlier. For this assignment we are exploring how new media affects story telling and how we can adapt to these changes. For my project, I will be re-designing my professional website, something you might remember I endeavored to do at during the summer. Not having any knowledge of web design makes web designing hard, I find.

So expect some academic posts. We will be using a blog to create a webliography where we will write about a minimum of 7 different sources (popular press, policy briefs, and primary documents) which, of course help us with our final project.  Excited?

Ps. During the ENTIRE project, I had the White Stripes song stuck in my head, but just the phrase “button to button” and I wasn’t sure if I had just imagined it. I’m relieved to find that it actually exists.

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