WID: Throw backs and corgies

01| I insisted that my friends all get the throw back of Cap’n Crunch cereal. I have never tried Cap’n Crunch other than taking a hand full of my friends’ dry cereal out of their bowl. But this had to be done. The old box looks 1,000,000 times better than the new ones where the cartoon characters are trying to 3-D and there a bunch of crap going on. Do you hear that Quaker Cereal? Good job. I’ll absolutely admit that it makes me want to eat more of it.

02| Watched Baby Wants Candy yesterday at UW. It’s an improv troupe whose tag line was that they were going to do an improvised musical based off the audiences’ title. They were really go od! And my friends and I banned together to get “Corgies in the Snow” to be the title. Which the troupe eventually changed to “Corky’s in the Snow.” A little sad, but it was still good. (This isn’t the people we saw, but you get the point)

03| Finally was able to bring my self to use this adorable coffee maker I found at the thrift store. We’re using it to boil water for tea in the morning. Isn’t it cute? And just $2.50!

04| Reading: Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh

05| Watched way too many Maru videos.

06| Reluctantly starting my homework. But tonight, my friends and I are getting together  for the Finer Things Club of Laramie. :)

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