5: Things this week

What I’m excited for this semester:

01| Classes. The surprise is that my required government class sounds endlessly interesting because we will mainly be learning about economic policy. Is it weird that I’m excited for this class? I’m ready to be informed! And of course, I love all my other classes too because I’m a nerd.

02| My new job. I work as a graphic designer for the Student Activities Council and, although I’m usually stressed out, I do enjoy getting to design. I’ll admit I haven’t made anything noteworthy yet.

03| Watching a girl run into a window in the Business building. I was going in and she was coming out. She walked right into the large window dividing the door, but she didn’t just give and embarassed look and head for the door, she then made a face of abject horror and then felt around the window like a mime, desperately searching for hope, freedom, a door handle, anything! It was funny. I think I was the only one who got to see her face. (Ok, I’m not “excited” for this, but I had to tell more people).

04| A new graphic design teacher! How exciting. Jenny can now teach another graphic design class. He’s never taught before though, so I’m a little worried our already rowdy class will loose control. And he’ll teach us about website design!—or at least he knows about it. Welcome, Brian!

05| New roommate! Our new roommate arrived promptly from Cleveland, a little groggy and drinking a lot of water to prevent altitude sickness. She’s the best.

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