WID: Vedauwoo & Despicable Me

My first post on the real blog! Exciting. I’m actually working on my website right now, so hopefully that will be up soon (measured in months).

01| Climbed the highest peak in Vedauwoo today! It’s a beautiful rock formation near Laramie. This picture doesn’t do it justice and it make it makes it smaller than it really is. It was the toughest workout I have ever done. I was able to shimmy up a crack all by myself–hard.core.  This is actually a picture from last year, if I had brought a camera on my trip today it would have been destroyed. Luckily, the mountain didn’t change much.

02| Saw Despicable Me in 3D. It was ok. I think they play off the cute-factor too often and too hard. All the tender moments had me gagging. I think it was a cute film for kids though. What was really despicable was $11.50 for tickets at the Laramie theater! It’s not even a nice theater! In Ft. Collins its only $9.50!

03| Working on my website. It’s going well…I am mostly learning by watching YouTube videos, though I did check out some books. It makes me happy.

You’re doing great!

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