5: Reasons I hate my landlord

As Michael Bluth would say, my landlord has never felt the sting of sweat in her eyes from a hard day’s work. Ok, I don’t know that personally, but I do know that her last name is Yates, and that she doesn’t care about her tenants at all.

Here are five things that she said she would fix around the house and hasn’t:

01| The pantry.
If the pantry was fixed, I would be happier to live in the house. My roommate and I cleaned it out for nearly 3 hours when we moved it, after a mouse infestation. A lot of hard chemicals were used. My landlord said she would send someone over to paint it so it would be ready for food storage. That was 1 year ago. I started emailing her and her father about it this summer and finally she had a contractor come and look at it. He came and looked at it and said he would tell her what he thinks should be done with the house. I know she hasn’t responded to him yet, it’s been a week.

02| The bathtub needs re-caulking. They cheap-ed out on their bathtub set-up by getting one of those “drop in” wall. Both the plumber and the contractor have said that they are cheap and will always have a problem.

03| The doorknob fell of the irregular sized door. For some reason, one of the doors to a room is larger than door frame and the doorknob was longer than the door. It was bound to happen sooner or later. The contractor offered to fix the entire door so that it fit. Let’s see what Landlord has to say.

04| The ceiling of my room. There is an imprint of the upstairs apartment’s bathtub on my ceiling from when it leaked and had extensive water damage. Like it, it looks like the bathtub is slowly sinking into my room. Parts of ceiling are chipping off. Also, my wall is kind of warped.

05| Our front door is slowly getting harder to open. I haven’t actually contacted her about this,  but it’s starting to worry me. The trick is to kick in on the lower right hand corner while you push.

To be fair, when I met with her personally during our move-in day, she seemed like a really nice person. I was happy to have a what seemed like a good landlord. I just don’t think she thinks about us at all, ever. When we email her, she might nod her head after reading what we’ve written, but the she goes to walk in the woods and to take pictures of strangers (she’s a photographer).  Sigh. I feel like they could have just made a better quality house since, combined, we give them $1775 a month.

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