New color film from the Impossible Project!

I bought one.

It’s totally a great deal! Three packs of color film for the price of two! The only catch is that you’re a guinea pig for the film. Worth it! The Impossible Project is so wonderful about helping customers who get a bum batch of film, so I’m not worried (I don’t know this personally, but I’ve heard).

They have some examples of the new film on their website. They don’t look that colorful, but its a start.

They also started this neat Pioneer Card thing for those brave enough to essentially buy their film during this first year while they’re playing around with the formula. You get roughly one point for each pack of film you buy, and once you earn 10 points you get to be an official pioneer :). The benefits? 10% discount on film for life, to name one! So amazing. They have different levels, and there is a time limit. Visit their site for more details.  (The triple pack is worth 2 points!).

I’m excited, tiny audience, excited.

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