Do you like design? I like design.

While procrastinating yesterday I discovered, or more specifically their book cover appreciation blog.I love good cover art. Wouldn’t that be an amazing career? To design actually meaningful covers for books? Not just two blurred people talking to each other? I added them to my blog roll.

And an old favorite, The Dieline. This is a packaging design blog that my graphic design professor introduced our class too. It has innovative, updated, or student packaging design showcased on their blog. They’re wonderful. I found this picture of vintage mustard cans on their site yesterday.

I wish I could do vintage packaging! I have a feeling its a lot harder than it looks. Anyway, this isn’t typical of their site, usually to only have new things, but I thought these were quite lovely. The Dieline has also been on my blogroll for a while, you should check it out if you like design!

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