5: Childhood fears

Five things that I was afraid of when I was little:

01| The Dark. “Where anything can happen/kill you”

02| Accidentally selling my soul to the devil. My sister read me this story of a man who sold his soul to the devil and later deeply regretted it. It wasn’t a particularly religious story, but I was afraid of wanting something so bad that I would accidentally say “I would do anything for ___” and then the devil will show up and take my soul. I would chant “I will not sell my soul” to myself sometimes.

03| The house circulation fan. I don’t know if these are typical in everyone’s house, but in the middle of our hallway ceiling there is a fan behind big shudders. When you turn it on, the shudders opens and then it starts sucking in air. It’s loud. My next door neighbor told my older brother that there was a hobo who lived inside it that eats 9-year-old boys. Now, I realized my brother, being nine, was the one who was in the real trouble. In fact, I knew Robbie was making the whole story up, I swear. But it was still kind of a creepy thought. I always felt like there was someone watching me when I was under it. It still makes me uncomfortable.

04| Ghosts. Definitely.

05| My dad. Usually when I had done something wrong, bad, or both. But sometimes just in general.

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