WID: Omaha Poetry Slam

What I’m doing: Today/yesterday I went the Omaha Health Arts Poetry slam to see my friend Ben Wenzl read his poetry. I am a HUGE Ben Wenzl fan. The show tonight was amazing! Also, the 2008 Poetry Slam Champion, Joaquín Zihuatanejo was there! He was in Omaha as a speaker for children and found out about our poetry scene so stopped by. Behind my un-dying love for Ben, he was my favorite poet. Adding the special treat was Max Kessler a poet for Austin, TX on tour. Live to love it.

I love Ben’s poetry. I like the different beat and the subjects he chooses. The audience is always head over heals for Ben.  But he’s too modest for his own good. His poems always flow trippingly off the tongue and he keeps the audience captivated the entire time. I always try to tell him this and he always gives me “I wish I were farther away from you” look.

The poets’ ability to fumble around with words until they dance and twist in the minds of the audience is astounding. The words build, transform, reform, and turn in the most interesting and beautiful ways during a poetry slam. I admire them so much for their talent and courage.

Now for some def poetry goodness:

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