My birthday eve

21 (mostly impossible) Birthday Wishes

01. A new ukulele.
One not made of particle board like my Makala. (Dolphin fretboard still ok).

02. A hedgehog.
It would have to be a secret pet though because the cold, cold heart of my landlord allows for no pets. Why a hedgehog? It’s seems like one of the most low-maintenance pets that’s still portable! Plus they’re cute!

03. An Amazon Kindle.
I have been too close to ordering one in the past. I’ve been coveting them for over a year now. I need one in my life.

04. A sunny day.
“Good day, sunshine.”

05. Manual Typewriter(s).
I have one and I would love more. I’ve used it for an art project and it was beautiful. Everything is more important when it’s typed with a typewriter. Unfortunately, mines a little more business-looking than I’d like.It’s from 1954! My computer won’t be around that long.

06. A fuel-efficient car.
I feel like my graphic design classes make me go on odd errands constantly and at odd hours of the day. Evan’s loosing his patience.

07. A Polaroid camera.
I’ve been drawn to them for as long as I can remember. I vividly remember holding a $7 Polaroid SX-70 in my hands willing myself to have a reason to buy one. Now, One Pearl Button has rekindled my love of shapely cameras. Regrets!

08. Scanner.
Again, for graphic design. And also for my future Polaroid camera.

09. Vietnamese Sesame balls.
So good. So wrong. So right!

10. More time!
There is always too many things I want to do! Also, that watch is pretty cute too.

11. macbook.
My little HP Pavillion is puttering out. Plus I wanted a Mac to begin with. Curse poverty!

12. Graphic design supplies.
I have a sticker maker pictured, but would also like to have eyelets, the eyelet tool thing, a vinyl cutter, an awesome printer, a wide format printer, and oh, I don’t know, a screen printer.

13. Also, a sunlit studio for all my awesome supplies.

14. A new tennis racket.
Ok, maybe I don’t need a new tennis racket, maybe I just need to get better. I just want tennis.

15. New glasses.
Mine are boring me. ::yawn::

16. A way to visit my friends instantly.
Specifically the ones in Omaha, NE and Kirksville, MO. And when I’m not in school, the ones in Laramie, WY. >>By the way, I’m sooo excited to see my friends from Truman State University this Tuesday!

17. Motivation to exercise.
Besides my dad calling me fat.

18. A new apartment which is magically decorated in all the things I like.
Which is basically a combination of Ikea and thrifted things.

19. A Tripod.
I’m ridiculously bad at taking pictures. Part of it is my inability to hold a camera still, even when my elbows are perched on large boulders.

20. A roomba.
It’s like a cute little pet that cleans! Awww.

21. And a 21-27 inch refurbished iMac.
The lab computers have spoiled me, I want a bigger screen. For the 20 windows I have  up at a time.

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