My birthday eve

21 (mostly impossible) Birthday Wishes 01. A new ukulele. One not made of particle board like my Makala. (Dolphin fretboard still ok). 02. A hedgehog. It would have to be a secret pet though because the cold, cold heart of my landlord allows for no pets. Why a hedgehog? It’s seems like one of the…

5: tv generation

My favorite TV shows when I was little: 1. Mister Roger’s Neighborhood 2. The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers 3. Sesame Street 4. Reading Rainbow 5.  Lamb Chop (I always tossed my shoe from hand to hand because of Mister Roger, was I the only one?)

hand painted murals

Beautiful documentary (12 mins) about the people still painting murals on the side of buildings.  I hope it never goes away. Thanks RIFLE blog for sharing! UP THERE from The Ritual Project on Vimeo. Check out one of the mural companies here. >>Find out how to embed Vimeo (and Flicker) videos here

Trip to Europe continued

Because I know no one reads the first post anyway, I’m going to continue talking about my trip before I forget it, just for the sake of remembering. In London we also saw the Banquet Hall, Middle Temple Hall, Westminster Abbey, the National Gallery, and the British Museum. All very good places to see. Then…

Summer is here!

Summer for me has officially started because I just had a week of doing nothing productive. This May I went overseas for the first time for a study abroad class. Under normal circumstances this would sound like a summer vacation, but this was one exhausting trip. It was a Shakespeare English class where we saw…


I plan on putting this blog into full swing once school gets out and I’m back from Europe (my first time ever!) in June.  Stay tuned. All I can think about now is sleeping.