What I’ve been up to

It’s been pretty silent on the blog front last week. I’ve had full days of wrapping up my thesis and trying to keep my head above water. Last week was our last public deliverable of our thesis where we present our work to a panel of three design faculty and then there is a three hour public session where we present to the public (mostly visitors, but some wandering faculty as well).

I presented the research that lead up to me creating this prototype of a thesaurus of interactions and, more importantly, this thought experiment that I’ve been enlisting designers and creatives to take. It’s an activity to get designers to think about the tools at their disposal differently. It’s supposed to be a little challenging, but it’s really for the benefit of the person taking the test—if you take it in earnest you have the opportunity to stretch the way you see design (I hope!).

It was a really trying week and day, but it’s over now and I just have to keep my head down and keep working until graduation. Next on the chopping block is revising this paper that was accepted into a design conference in Milan, Italy this coming fall. Eep!

Other than that, I’m still trying to plan my summer vacation. Although, I will happily complain to you that planning a long vacation is much more complicated than I’d like it to be. I’m more of a hermit than I let on. Does anyone want to go to China, Vietnam, and Japan with me this summer?!

Thanks always, intimate audience, for your support and good vibes (don’t stop now).

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