What I know now // 024

Syrian girl mistakes camera for gun in heartbreaking photo. And your heart broke too.




  • This Map Of America Shows Our Equal Pay Failures. This was really sad. And I also wish it wasn’t pink.
  • CEO Slashes $1 Million Salary To Give Lowest-Paid Workers A Raise. That is so amazing. This CEO made sure that all his workers got a minimum salary of $70k. I wish more people were interested in closing the wage gap. I’m not saying that everyone needs to make the same amount of money, but there is definitely no reason that someone should be paid so tremendously more than other people.
  • One Is Enough: Why There Aren’t More Women Executives (via Wall Street Journal). “New research from the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business and Columbia Business School finds that a woman’s chances of landing one of a company’s five highest-paid executive jobs drop 51% if there’s already a woman on the team.” Nuff said.



  • Who Will Control Tibetan Reincarnation? (via The New Yorker) Whoa. The debate and politics about picking the new dali llama.
  • Sizzler’s. If you haven’t seen this 1991 Sizzler commercial that’s making the rounds on the internet, you certainly should.
  • Webcam (short film). We all have stickynotes on our webcam now. The scary part is that 1) it happens and 2) you might know that my computer is constantly glitchy so I was particularly worried after seeing this.
  • Instagram chef parodies Michelin-style plating with junk food masterpieces. The captions, tho.
  • What Your Upstairs Neighbors Are Really Doing. A little bit of lighthearted humor for you.
  • one little epic. Sarah’s dear friend Hannah has a blog that I saw once a long time ago when she was working on a thesis project. But I wanted to look at again the other day and saw how lovely it really is. You should take another look! She’s a fantastic photographer and lovely writer as well.
  • This movie just makes me happy. I love how she did this little thing to make work more fun.
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