What I know now // 022

Tourist vs local photographs (via Good) around the world.

Well, I know a whole lot more since going to Interaction15 last week, but I’ll stick primarily to the articles I’ve read in the last month.





  • Waste Water from Oil Fracking Injected into Clean Aquifers. Awful. That’s all. Just awful. We need to find a better way. I read this story because I’ll be moving to the bay area soon.
  • The Real Reason Your Food Sticks To The Pan (via Huffington Post). I thought this was neat, but I also tried it and yes, when I did put a sprinkle of water in the pan it magically floated around. But it also horribly burned an egg to my pan when I tried that part.
  • To Fall in Love With Anyone, Do This (NYTimes). The super popular NY Times article that’s been traveling around. It describes the author’s experience using research on falling in love personally—it’s a series of questions and then 4 minutes of staring.  I didn’t read the questions so that I could have authentic answers if I’m ever put to the test ;).


If you liked the Purple Martin video, you’ll probably like this one too:

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