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I stumbled on these We the Economy videos quite by accident, but they are so wonderful! I will admit, that they are education and I already enjoyed learning about economics, but these aren’t dry education videos! Each of the 20 video shorts was produced by a different direction and have a completely different feel. I laughed at most of them and there were a couple that I even felt like shedding a tear over. The perfect introduction to economics you didn’t even know you wanted. They did the whole gamut of the logistics of economics, but the ones about social side of economics are the ones that really effected me (of course)


Here’s one about the value of work that was a little heartbreaking:

Watch WE THE ECONOMY – The Value of Work on Vimeo.

And to bring it up (relatively) a bittersweet but totally cute video about inequality in the workplace!

Watch WE THE ECONOMY – The Unbelievably Sweet Alpacas! on Vimeo.

Don’t be shy, go to the website and watch them! (I’ll totally understand if you don’t watch all twenty in a row like a giant nerd like I did).

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