What I know now // 017

It’s been a long time, but to be fair, I wasn’t on my computer as much in Switzerland and thus wasn’t reading as many articles. While I was putting these together I was remembering how wonderful each was. I hope you check some of them out, they’re a real treat.

And I want to see this movie:

I AM ELEVEN – Official trailer 2014 from I Am Eleven on Vimeo.






  • Glenn Gould In Rapture : Krulwich Wonders… (via NPR). This is a recording of Glenn Gould performing a Bach piece and it’s absolutely riveting to watch him play (Eva, I think you’d like it!). I think sometimes when you hear the classical music you are so focused on how things work together that you forget the complexity of a single part. Watch and be amazed.
  • Holdout (via 99percentinvisible). I’ve been getting into the 99percentinvisible podcast again even though there’s absolutely no room in my life for me to have another podcast. But every time I’d intermittently heard  an episode I really liked them. Like I refer to this episode about waiting all the time. I’m becoming more and more enamored by story telling and the thought of missing these stories does make me sad. I want to know all the things and feel all the experiences they’re willing to share. There’s beauty in discovery that I really appreciate. I’m not saying this is the best episode from them you’ll ever here, but I think it’s an accurate representation of the tone of their podcasts. Thanks, Carissa, for introducing me all those years ago.
  • Client Feedback On the Creation of the Earth (via mcsweeneys). for funnies.
  • J.R.R. Tolkien Reveals TRUE Meaning Of ‘The Lord Of The Rings’ In Unearthed Audio Recording. Just to warn you, this isn’t as much as a breakthrough as the title makes it sound, but it was interesting.
  • Tom Waits Real Gone Interview Make It Rain Live. I was so happy to know learn that this is what Tom Waits is like.

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