5: Things on my mind

I made some promises about writing more frequently that have not been fulfilled thus far. Here are some things that have been on my mind lately. The things that have been pulling me away from you.


  1. Designing for inclusivity/accessibility. Something I saw this summer triggered this desire in me to explore it more, but I just have so little knowledge of the area I feel hesitant to dive in and try to work it into my already full plate. In that regard, maybe its not distracting me as much as its gnawing at the back of my mind.
  2. Teaching is as hard as it is rewarding. It takes at least twice as long to prepare for each week/class than I thought it would and I have just this immense desire to help them along that I feel like I spend all day thinking about what I could say or do to help my students. I rehearse thoughts I have over and over again in my head all day and think about how I could best encourage them without pushing them. It’s difficult. I would rather interact with them one-on-one that trying to speak broadly.
  3. All the little to-dos I have to do around my house that fill up my day. Like the fact that I have brought my brand new mac into the apple store every week since I’ve gotten it.
  4. Time. So fleeting. The day is over, but my work is not.
  5. What I’m going to do after I graduate. I’m feeling a pull towards New York.


That’s it. I’m completely brain dead right now.

Your Turn:
  1. Sarah Varca says:

    New York misses you. I should have known Chicago couldn’t lure you away, too cold. Maybe NYC could be your steady city and Chicago can be your summer mistress.