I’m sorry, for you and me

10511458_10100626418709313_366019180348258874_oSo sometimes I disappear for a while and the come crawling back humbly. But this time I feel like I have a pretty good excuse besides the typical lack-of-time squeaky-wheel chatter that you’re used to. My computer is broken. If you’re like “didn’t you just get the hard drive replaced?” Then you’re right, I did. But this time it’s the logic board for $550. Regardless of whether I do decide to fix it or get a new computer, it’s going to have to wait until I go back to the United States.   So sorry I haven’t been keeping you updated and posting more pictures, but I’ve been working early and late and leaving on the weekends. Here’s one picture of my weekend in Lake Como, in Italy (in addition to the dog one above). 10541443_10100626420336053_9111281077574226664_o SIDE NOTE // That’s right: Within a week of coming back to the United States I’ll have to…

  1. Drive to Nebraska > Pittsburgh taking as much stuff from my parents as possible
  2. In order to move into an unfurnished apartment in Pittsburgh
  3. And move all the stuff that was in my room to my new apartment (4 flights of stairs, no car)
  4. Buy & set up a new computer
  5. Prepare for my classes
  6. Prepare for teaching a class to masters students 

And on the seventh day, she rested. 

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