5: Things I did over winter break



  1. I got to hang out with Savannah & Carissa in Omaha while I was home. I realized that I have been friends with them for half my life, 12 years! And that we didn’t have any pictures of just us three in all our time together (I was always the photographer, if any). So in a random episode of making pies, Savannah’s hubby snapped some pictures.
  2. Most recently Evan, his girlfriend Cassie, and I drove down to Colorado to see our dear Princess C. This was lots and lots of fun to see her and Susan. We shopped, we ate, we saw the Passport to Paris exhibition at the Denver Art Museum, followed by filling up on mussels at Le Central afterwards (highly recommend). I also got to see my dear friends Christy, Paul, and my old friends at BWBacon Group & Battery621. It was so good to see everyone, really! I feel pretty isolated in Pittsburgh so it was good to remember what seeing old friends again is like.
  3. Consumed media. Read and listened to my books. Watched TV on my computer and saw some movies in theaters. It was like I had a real free time!
  4. I worked on my website. It’s live now, but it’s not done yet. I need to add process to some of my portfolio items and I want to add some more content to the website overall. This has been such a pain to work on and took scads more time than I expected.
  5. Saw family, of course! My mom has been relentlessly feeding me since I’ve been home and is forcing me to bring a backpack of food through airport security to take back to Pittsburgh with me. Oh boy. I do want to make a special note that she actually liked her Christmas present this year (a day at the spa). Perhaps the first time in my life that she’s expressed enjoyment at a gift. Seeing my extended family was  great too. All of my cousins are growing up so fast!
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