5: Paradoxical ways I’m using my break

Paradoxical because, I’m working during my break. I am somewhat relieved to find out that, even without classes all the things I want to do take up so much time that it truly is hard to do them when school is in session and it’s not just me having poor time-management skills. But also, I’m sad I can’t do everything always.


  1. Re-do my website. This is the big one, of course. I have already spent hours now looking at themes and so that I can pick on that has all the right things I’m looking for. You think it’s easy to start off with a theme? Not if you really care about how your website functions and how a user goes through it. With my limited coding and 0% knowledge of PHP, using a theme is imperative. Then again, the argument goes that I could have a very simple website and have my work speak for itself. Meh.
  2. Catch up on German. I’ve fallen way behind on DuoLingo, especially during finals.  I’m still on a mission to go to Germany someday…
  3. Ukulele & watercoloring. This is important stuff people, don’t think it’s not! Creative, happy outlets make creative, happy projects.
  4. Blogging. A backlog of thoughts and reflections a novel long. My process blog has been woefully neglected.
  5. Read. Not just for-fun books, I’ve tucked away two design/design-philosophy books I want to read to get ready for next semester and thinking about my thesis project. (!)

My winter break is one dense nutshell.

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