• East of EdenJohn Steinbeck. This is an impressively large book but I managed to finish it in what I realized was a month of diligently listening to the audiobook. It was a little slow at first, but after a while I was hooked and trying to make any excuse I could to keep listening to it during the day. I read a little about it on wikipedia and it set Steinbeck considered it his magnum opus. It’s based on his actual family!
  • Hallucinations. Oliver Sacks. Even more infrequently reading it.
  • Understanding Computers and Cognition. Terry Winograd & Fernado Flores. We just started reading it for class. It was written in the 80s but, according to my professor is not only still relevant, but also extremely important.


  • I’ve started listening to Pittsburgh NPR live stream in my free time. 
  • Streetlight Lullabies.” Toh Kay. My friend send me this and I thought it was pretty cute.
  • Hahahaohhoho.” Yellow Ostrich. I sent him this one.


  • I’m  super looking forward to my Friendsgiving in New York with Igor and Shanna. Yeayyyyy!
  • I taught a class solo for the first time in CDF and it was so much fun! I loved it! They are the best.
  • Halloween was a lot of fun.
  • Learning about kakapos and talking to G-bear about them.


  • Cooking. It’ve really been enjoying my little cooking experiments. :) It’s starting to become a compulsion because it takes up so much of my time.
  • Watching the Daily Show again, trying to get some current event news somehow! Especially with the government shutdown. I can’t live in a bubble forever. How do people find all the time to read the news? It seems impossible.


  • I need to start thinking about my classes for next semester. I know once I start it will turn into a happy compulsion, but until then, it’s a pretty intimidating task. 
  • Getting my work done! I can’t believe how little time I have! I mean well, but I can’t accomplish all the things I want to. There are even so many side projects, like this blog, I want to maintain. I have a list of posts that I haven’t gotten around to yet.
  • Picking a thesis topic. I want to have a post on this soon.
  • I like, not extremely thrilled to be in Pittsburgh right now and classes are really draining, but I try hard to be spirited and inspired by what’s available to me (which is quite a lot considering INTERNET), but I feel like some of  my classmates’ negativity is kind of bringing me down.


  • Carnegie International. It was an interesting show and I’ll have to go back sometime to revisit it.
  • Design Symposium on the the Design PhD in North America. This was pretty interesting as well.
  • Jerry Seinfeld. Right?! How likely is it that you’ll see a guy like that? He’s got a lot more spunk than I thought he would.
  • The Crucible performed by CMU. This was really great, I’m so glad I watched this play not just because of the acting but because of the story.
  • The Pigeoning during the Pittsburgh International Festival of First. It was hilarious and really well done. If you heard the plot, I think it would sound pretty hokey, but I really enjoyed it.
  • GFDA lecture through AIGA. It was nice to hear from people who were inspired and were trying to spread inspiration.
  • Toronto! Besides this list of things we did, we also when to Art Gallery of Ontario and I got to see the Ai Wei Wei exhibit! <3. AGO has a wonderful collection and I would love to be around it all the time. We also went to St. Lawrence Market, ate in Little Italy, and stuff our faces in Chinatown. I really liked Toronto.
  • Beer Tasting at Phipps Conservatory (beautiful) for just grad students.
  • Caving in Laurel Caverns. This was interesting because our bus drive got lost and drove us 1.5 hours out of the way….but it was good to actually go caving! I went with a girl from my program.
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