What I know now // 009

M is for Microbrew from Paul Brown on Vimeo.

Video by my friends in Colorado


Better late than never!



  • How To Deal With Cat Calling. I have never gotten cat called as much as I have in Pittsburgh, including when I lived in New York. This is not a brag–I haven’t changed at all–it’s a problem. For some reason its acceptable in Pittsburgh for men to be pigs. I was complaining about it to Carissa and she sent me this link, which i thought was interesting, but not the solution. Women shouldn’t constantly be battling to defend themselves, by default we should be treated like equals. Carissa sent me these tips that I think are much more helpful (please click and a point will be made). A woman named Hannah Price also chose to photographer her harassers, something I always have to urge to do (to publicly shame), but I also don’t want to get assaulted for it (why is that a legitimate thing that could happen).
  • Ads Reveal Horrifying Sexism in Google Autocomplete. More sexim, what do you know? Very powerful ads.
  • 5 Genuinely Offensive Font Choices That Must Be Stopped. Why is it ok that some people are picking racist fonts? Answer: it’s not. Stop it.



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