And in a flash, my last month in New York was gone!



  • The Language instinct. Steven Pinker. Finished it! I was so riveted by the end. It feels like a book I’ll want to revisit later because I don’t feel like I absorbed everything enought.
  • The Happiness Hypothesis. Jonathan Haidt. You know, the book I’ve talked about a million times. So far so good!


  • Unbelievers” by Vampire Weekend. Still pretty good. 
  • Test, 1, 2” by  Air Traffic Controller. (Ok, maybe just right now as I’m writing this post.)
  • First day of my life” by Bright Eyes. Old, I know, but the ukulele makes everything new again.
  • What’s my age again?” by Blink 182. Ukulele cover for sweet Paul’s birthday. I wasn’t good enough at playing it and he couldn’t recognize it, haha.


  • Eating out. I spent so much money this month. Brunches galore.
  • Playing my ukulele. It feels so good to be reunited.


  • Driving, moving, duh.
  • Missing some people hard core.
  • Not being able to sleep because my mind is on overdrive. (Thus the midnight:thirty post).


  • I mean, I think I’ll be ok at school right?
  • Seeing my mom, brother, and family in California this week!
  • My sweet friends helping me move. xoxo.


  • Fireworks for Independence Day. Probably one of the most magical weekends in New York. Picnic in the morning, fireworks in the evening, and somehow we ended up at a gay bar at night. Then the next day Igor, Shanna, and I trekked to be beach. 
  • Incredible Greek dinner at Bahari Estiatorio.
  • Katz’s Deli.
  • Two improv shows at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade with the Truman group.
  • Guggenheim Museum. Have to say, still not my favorite.
  • Big Gay Ice Cream. Yum.
  • Arlene’s Grocery (music & dance venue). It was rock karaoke night. So…yeah.
  • Whitney Museum. Incredible. I really enjoyed an exhibit about Edward Hopper.
  • East River Ferry to Governor’s Island to see a traveling vintage French carnival, Yeah, that happened.
  • Matilda!! Igor won lottery tickets :D. It was fantastic, naturally. Igor, a self-described non-musical-appreciator even liked it.
  • Museum of the Moving Image. Old news to you.
  • Society of Illustrators to see a Maurice Sendak exhibition but I ended up staying for a screening of Cartoon College. I really liked the documentary and want to post about it soon. After it becomes irrelevant.


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