5: Things I’ve done in Pittsburgh so far

2013-08-14 21.34.08

How did I miss another a Friday?! Better late than never, I suppose.

  1. Made a small exploration of campus, of course. Staying mostly around the places where my classes are, the library, and the University Center.
  2. Went up to the incline overlook called Mt. Washington at night. It was beautiful! My phone isn’t that great at night pictures, but it’s not too shabby either!
  3. Yesterday I went to the Steel City Improv Theater to see a $5 improv show! I really enjoyed it and I can see myself going there a lot once school picks up. (Thanks, Igor, for the inspiration).
  4. Got these crazy ice cream cups from Oh Yeah! Icecream & Coffee. They have all these neat flavors and toppings that you can get all blended in together in your own personal soft serve. Some people are then like: “Like Cold Stone?” And then I’m like: No, they have an actual mixer and the ice cream tastes good.
  5. Saw Elysium at the theater with a new friend. Not as bad as I thought it would be, not really my type of movie either.


Getting more excited for school, folks! I found out on Thursday that I’ll be TA-ing a class. Surprise!

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