The Right Stuff


I went to the Museum of the Moving Image with Shanna on Saturday and we ended up staying for 6 hours. What a great little find right here in Astoria! I’m so happy I squeezed it in before I left. I loved their special exhibitions: Cut up which covered a lot of regular people’s pop culture/youtube movies and PERSOL MAGNIFICENT OBSESSIONS: 30 stories of craftsmanship in film which detailed how different movies, actors, artist, filmmakers (etc, etc) exhibit passionate obsession about their mediums. Tremendous! (Their regular collection was the bees knees as well).

Part of the reason we were there for so long was that you also get into a movie with the price of admission and that day it was The Right Stuff (trailer above). Admittedly, the trailer makes it look super cheesy and…well, kind of lame, but Shanna and I actually really liked it! We were prepared to walk out and explore some more of the museum if we didn’t like it, but we ended up watching all three hours of it. I am tragically lacking in my knowledge of air & space and so had to keep watching to see who survived :).

Give it a whirl if you get a chance!

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