What I know now // 004

A Year in New York from Andrew Clancy on Vimeo.



  • Saul Bass’s film titles celebrated in Google doodle. You already know I was excited to see this. Refer to the post below to see the doodle.
  • This Ad Has a Secret Anti-Abuse Message That Only Kids Can See. I love it when I continue to see innovated design work. Sometimes you wonder if everything that can be done has been done already. The answer is ‘no, it hasn’t.’
  • A Year in New York (film, above). Lovely movie! I am pretty sure he was living in Queens around my stop because I recognized the scenery and the stops. I immediately sent this to my friend Igor who I visited with in August. It was my first time in New York and we joked that we should take a bunch of b-roll of the city and our visit. Now I know we should have.


  • Abercrombie and Fitch Would Rather Burn. A&F already get’s a lot of flack about their greater-than-thou attitude but when I read about this I was really angry at them. We didn’t have a lot of money growing up and I just always remember desperately wanting to wear the clothes and brands everyone else was.
  • How can white Americans be free? Interesting article about white people don’t get to have their own narrative in media. I know you’re thinking: are you kidding me? Everything we see is 98% white and every time we do see someone of another ethnicity it seems “forced.” But the argument was the re-frame our thinking so that white is no longer the default race and that they to let them have their own stories and experiences. I have to think such a re-framing of our thinking would help lessen stereotypes on all sides. I don’t know how well I can summarize it without giving it a re-read, so you should check it out for yourself!
  • Why Every Educator Should Applaud That Viral Video of a Teen Going Off on His Teacher. Also included on the link is the video itself that’s been going viral recently. It’s of a student snapping at his teacher for not inspiring him or the class and doing her job. While I agree with him completely and you all know how incredibly important education is to me, I have to feel bad for this teacher too his being accused of being a terrible teacher and being pointed at as an example of “bad” when we really don’t know the situation. I don’t feel like it’s the teachers fault, mostly, it’s a greater problem with the system.


  • The Pitch Drop Experiment. I saw this post by RadioLab about this artists’ “liquid” work  (check it out!) and had to read up more about it. This material, pitch, is actually liquid at room temperature although it looks like a solid. In fact, when it hardens it’s actually brittle. For the last 83 years they have been letting this funnel of pitch “drip.” It’s on it’s ninth drop.
  • Brain Experiment Could Give You an Extra 20 Years. Scientists have found a part of your brain that, when deactivated can increase the life of mice by, effectively stopping the aging process. Meaning, not only will they live longer, but will maintain the same levels of health they had before. Frightening. It also makes me wonder, how long people actually want to live if they got to choose.



So I have a question for you guys: is this helpful, not helpful, interesting, boring? Do you care what I’m reading? Woud you prefer maybe a monthly post about my top articles? I wonder if this is just something super meaningless for you. Let me know!

Expect a post soon about my super awesome time volunteering with Bordo Bello NY (or just see my post on my portfolio website about it) and helping out with a workshop by illustrator Laurie Rosenwald.

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  1. Carissa says:

    No way is this boring! I think I’ve mentioned it already but this is one of my favorite “segments.”

    Keep it coming.