5: Side projects

I’ve barely worked sleeping into my schedule, let alone blogging, but I thought I should say a little something something before the week passes by.

I’ve gone to a couple more design events and they talked about the importance of doing and sharing side projects as authentic evidence of your passion or the way you work. Here are mine:


  1. AIGA/NY blog contributor. Go to events, write about them. It’s kind of already what I did, but not it’s official and I can’t have typos. I need to tell you guys about some of the most recent events I’ve participated in. 
  2. In-progress tumblr.
  3. Visual puns illustration tumblr.
  4. And third bowl of porridge was just right!..oh wait, wrong story: my regular tumblr. Basically I fall down a lot on the internet.
  5. …you’re looking at it.
Your Turn: