Rails Bridge | Day 2

Christy, Dina, and I pretty much re-invented the internet today using our new found knowledge of basic Ruby on Rails.

Day 2 of Rails Bridge ran from 9am-4pm today with a little celebratory party afterwards. We started the day practicing some basic ruby and then worked on making some apps on the rails framework. (Is that right?) It was a lot of fun, but also pretty intense to try to wrap your head around. Lots of questions and looking at other people’s screens: “Did you put quotes around this? Are they asking us to make an array or a hash? What the heck is a hash anwyay?” Overall,  it was such an awesome workshop! I feel so lucky that there were such knowledgeable, helpful, and enthusiastic helpers at the event from the sponsors & community members and got to meet a great group of ladies. It think it’s just wonderful that this workshop was offered for free and appreciate it so much.

Can’t wait to do some paired programming and stuff :).

After the workshop Christy and I unfortunately/luckily couldn’t stay for the little Hurray Party afterwards because we had to see TEDxMileHigh Women. Which was great, but more on this later; I have been thinking about sleep since Monday and can’t imagine anything better than putting my face 6 inches deep into a pillow.

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