Home for Tuesday, 2012

What I’ve been up to since I took off…

On Thursday I headed up north to Cheyenne, Wyoming to paint the town red with Miss Katie who’s back from New York for the holidays. I had a play date with her adorable niece, dinner with her delightful family, and got into some talks at Shari’s 24-hour diner. It’s her family cat, Morris, that is featured above. Not pictured is his absolutely perfect nub tail.

Friday morning we were joined by the sunshine that is Sarah for lunch before my a long, boring drive to Omaha. I’m pretty much a modern-day Laura Ingalls Wilder. The roads weren’t bad, but I passed literally 20 cars on the side of the road that must have skidded off during Wednesday’s snowstorm. Glad I avoided that one.

Moments after being home I  had a cookie in each hand and my mom was cracking open some young coconut (my favorite drink). Oh the holidays! I had three different kind of cookies and no self-control.

Since being home I’ve mostly done a lot of procrastinating. But I like to think that I’m not actually procrastinating and that I’m actually trying to be a normal person who uses the holidays as some sort of “vacation” or “holiday,” if you would. But I have to face the cold, hard, sad, lonely, bitter, beige reality and own up to the fact that I’m not a normal person: I’m a push-over and a graphic designer. A quite toxic combination that results in me agreeing to complete projects over the holidays.

So I have a combination of personal and professional goals that I’d like to make some headway in before I had back on the 25th, but let’s so how that works out.

In all actuality I have spent most of my time:

1. Walking past the several bags of cookies to get grab the dried fruit until, finally sometime between 12 and 2pm I break and grab a cookie.

2. Reading The Language Instinct by Steven Pinker. By far one of my nerdier indulgences. I find linguistics fascinating and finally just checked out an easy-to-read book that discusses it. It’s so interesting! I am eating it up. It’s written to appeal to a wider audience (as in, non-technical), but I think that’s being generous.

Alas, only 1:00pm on Sunday, there is still hope for me yet!*

Oh! But what I’m really excited for is to see Princess C, back for the holidays from China! We’re going to do more hanging than a prom dress in a closet! Just you wait!

*There’s no hope for me.

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