Why Jack Does Good?

Welcome to my new blog. It will be much of the same, but a little bit different as well.

It will still feature me prattling on about this or that, but it’s also organized into simple categories so that if you never want to hear from me, you could; if you only want to hear about me, there’s that too; and if, for some reason you’d like both, well that’s quite possible as well. I spent a lot time to re-categorizing everything to make everything easier. With over two years of blog posts, it’s probably a bit messy back there, but moving forward it’ll all work out.

The main reasons I wanted to recreate my blog were:

  1. I was so over my old design. As I described it to Matt: “It looked like mom blog fell into a pool of even more mom blog.”
  2. I wanted to separate my blog form my name a little bit. It still pains me that my name comes up in Google searches. Although I know I’m supposed to self-promote as a freelance graphic designer, attention on me still makes me cringe.
  3. Recently, I have been overcome with my already-present desire to do good things. Learn about them, share them, and participate in them. As cheesy as that sounds, I just keep thinking I need more out of my life and wanted to make my website to that thrust. It was an incomplete thought, like I wanted to climb on a digital mountain and brazenly declare “Here I am! Stop trying to standardize me!” But then I realize I was just being an annoying, self-entitled generation-z-er.

Why “Jack Does Good”?

I heard something I really liked at TedxMileHigh this summer: Do good well. I loved the phrase and the idea so much. It was me! It speaks to my desire to help people, to be committed to those things and execute them well and it’s just great use of English major grammatical rules. I hope to post, if not less about me, at least more about other things.

So, what do you think?

Your Turn: