5: Things I’m thankful for

It should have been and obvious topic, but with the mind-numbing stress of being home for holidays it didn’t occur to me until now. So here we go!

01. My friends. No, no—wait! Don’t sigh and close the screen, I really am. I really love the wide array of friends I have from different parts of my life and who I can share my interests with. Many friends who wouldn’t even get a long with each other, but somehow mesh with me. You guys are really great.

02. My English major. I am absurdly proud of it and I really don’t care if your business thinks you need someone who majored in design because you probably really need someone who majored in English.

03. Positivity. I am not without hours of sulking in bed, but I am really glad that I believe that hard work can go a long way.

04. My iPhone. When I see people with androids I think about my own experience with them and want to put my hand over theirs and whisper…you don’t have to be unhappy anymore, there is something better out there.

05. Interests. Can I say it? Does it sound weird? I am really glad I have outside interests. Some people don’t,–it’s true! I’ve met them! Can you imagine it? I can’t either. I want to do and try almost everything I hear about. Life is exciting, folks!

*Written under the influence of inspiration. Whoops. #idealist

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  1. Todd says:

    Nice blog, jackenheimer