Vlog Brothers

Matt brought this YouTube Channel to my attention on one of his posts, and I was enamored by their project. I think I had heard whispers in the wind about Hank & John Green on NP a while ago, but never watched anything. Basically, they sent each other youtube videos every weekday for a year too keep in touch. Now they’re sending each other weekly videos on topic either person or, like the video below, just informative things. Isn’t that neat? I have tried in the past to get my friends to do cool projects like this but they’re always like “We hate everything about this and we hate talking to you” so they get abandoned…

I just picked this video at random and because I thought it might be relevant to election season :). Enjoy!

They both talk super fast. It must be a brother thing.

Your Turn:
  1. Sarah Varca says:

    I’m sorry I abandon your projects! They are all brilliant ideas.
    This is really cool. I would try again of you wanted…

    PS. My project abandonment has nothing to do with me not wanting to talk to you.

  2. Jacklynn says:

    Ha, it’s not the only social media experiment I’ve tried. No worries. :)