Welcome back!

I forgot to tell you I was going to New York City last week. But I did. I was thinking that I should write some sort of post about my trip, but I kind of always feel like its not exciting to hear about someone’s trip…ever. It’s just not the same as being there. I think I will write about it soon though.

I arrived back in Denver yesterday evening and after a solid 12+ hours of sleep I woke up this morning ready to get groceries.

Then this:


My parents are probably wondering why their high-achieving daughter keeps getting in car accidents. All of their kids have something wrong with them: my brother can’t save money if his life depended on it, my sister is all-around weird, and I keep getting in car accidents.

I was definitely shaken, and a little curious why my airbag didn’t go off, but ok. And even though it was my fault, I just felt like the other car owners didn’t have to be so mean to me.

Anyway, I’m going to sort some life stuff out and get back to you.

Your Turn:
  1. Sarah Varca says:

    AH! Jackie! I hope you were not injured in anyway! Welcome back to the west you crazy girl.

  2. Carissa says:

    Yes, please tell us that you are okay. People in China are worried about you. I wish you the best darling dear.

  3. Jacklynn says:

    Yes, I’m ok. I feel like you usually don’t blog from a hospital. Thanks for your concern.