5: Things I would do all of the time

…if the current rules of time did not exist.


01. Read all of the books that I’ve ever even kind of thought about reading all day long.  Then read my Communication Arts magazines, GOOD Magazine articles, and Co.Design articles. Somehow, just all of them.

02. Watch documentary after documentary. Then watch all the movies people have been like “YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS,” to which I responded “I WILL” but then haven’t had the time for. Also, to see all of the99percent videos and listen to all of the podcasts. Probably also the majority of then TED Talks videos. Then all of the PBS Digital Studios and the Carnegie Mellon Design the Future videos.

03. Have at least working knowledge of the major front-end programming languages and HTML/CSS to expert levels. I’m thinking from this website.

04. Greater dedication to doodling. I want to have to time to do my vocabulary doodles on a regular basis, also just random drawings in a little notebook, and larger projects that I dream of one day doing.

05. Play tennis everyday (or until I beat Kyle at least). Go on light hikes around Colorado. Right my bike in the weather that is magically always temperate…

Your Turn: