Hey, Friday

Some things that made me smile this week.

01. Grant: “I hate buying registry gifts for weddings. But I don’t really care enough about these people to get creative. So hellooooo huge bowl from Bed, Bath, and Beyond”

02. Matt continually telling an absolutely tiny black, yorkie puppy named Abraham to be a leader of men and to proliferate at his birthday party. Imagine this–pretty shy–dog just running around dumbly as Matt calls out to him.

03. Hanging out with Sean, Jordan, Denver, Grant, and Clayton for the Bon Iver/Fiest concert. Specifically:  Hearing about Sean’s fantastic RomCom relationship. Sharing a blanket and excellent spot with the super nice group next to us. Seeing a skunk. A beautiful night. Having breakfast at Jelly the next day.

04. Perusing the Brass Armadillo with Matt and the shops by Devil’s Food Bakery with Kelly.

05. This ridiculous dog face.


Now I just need to see the beautiful Sarah Varca tomorrow to make this week the cream of the crop.

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