A place with stories to tell

So guess where I am right now.

I’ve escaped the heat of summer in the most wonderful place in Denver. Here, no one will ask me what I did over the weekend and be disappointed when I don’t use the words “party,” “hike” or some other athletic verb. Here there are people just quietly living their lives. They’re thinking thoughts that they don’t need to say or tell you or confirm or acknowledge and react to.

I am constantly amazed about how beautiful this library is. This room in particular, the fifth level reading room in the Western History & Genealogy department, is so pretty I’m not sure I’m even allowed to be here with a computer. Seems almost sacrilegious to bring anything other than a musty book with worn corners.

But, hi.

On Thursday I impulsively bought tickets to the Avett Brothers concert at Red Rocks to go with Jordan. Not sure when it happened that I became one of those people who attend concerts, but there I was among thousands of people listening.

The opener was City & Colour who I didn’t think I’d ever heard, but when I they played this song, I remember that I had, and then I absolutely loved that song. I must not have been the only one because a man proposed to his girlfriend during the song (she said ‘yes’).

The Avett Brothers were fantastic. They played a blend of fast and slow stuff. I feel pretty confident in saying the adequately had the entire audience enthralled.

I’m not going to go on, because I am of the firm belief that you can’t describe a concert in a way that would be interesting to anyone else to read. But yes, it was worth it. I posted some of my favorite songs yesterday when I forgot there are 31 days in August, not 30. That’s fine.

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