Spring cleaning. It’s cuter than you thought

I thought that you might need something a little lighter after all those mentally taxing design videos.

I had a good weekend. I ate some dim sum and thrifted with Kyle. On Sunday I enjoyed brunch and The Ring of Fire at the Denver Performing Arts Center with Faith. Mmm. How was your weekend?

I was wondering, do you think it’s possible for me to social media any more than I do? I media socially pretty hard. But I have the dilemma: I find very little motivation to do things that have no definitive deadline and I sans school, I have a lot of just such things. One of them is studying vocabulary words for the GRE, which I may or may not take “soon.” Potential solution? Illustrate (aka, doodle) words out and post them in a microblog. Is this crazy? I still don’t expect anyone to read it, but I think enough strangers will pass through to make me keep going. No promises. But if i did create one, it would be here.

Your Turn: