Chimneys, ukulele retirment, books, haute couture, and ice cream

I had such a lovely weekend. Sure I missed my usual 12 hours of sleep a day that I’ve been doing on weekends, but it’s for the best…in the long run. Probably one of the first times since moving here that I felt like I had the right amount of things to do. Have I told you that not being busy stresses me out? 100 times? Well it still does.

On Friday Jordan impulsively decided to drive down to go to a concert at the Hi-Dive, and being the kind of person who is always open, only too happily agreed to join him. We had a late dinner at City-O-City where Jordan experienced oodon noodles. We then got lost in Stapleton trying to find Wyncoop Brewery, that, yes, is just downtown. The show was really great. As strange as it sounds, I haven’t often been to concerts where I’ve really enjoyed the music and so going to the random tiny shows Jordan takes me to is wonderful because we have similar tastes. It’s fascinating for me to watch them make the sounds. (I sound like I was raised by wolves right now, I know).

Chimney Choir: really liked ’em.
Poor Moon: Sounds like Fleet Foxes, Jr. (still good)
Lost in Trees: I liked them ok too, but by then my feet were killing me and Jordan had to had back to Laradise.

Saturday was furious blur. I had this rush order from a client before I wanted to head to my first ukulele group meeting that threw my sleep-deprived self off kilter. At 10:30 I realized that the meeting was not at 11:30, but actually, why yes, at 10:30. I came 30 minutes late but all was well. This week’s theme was Punk rock and my favorite songs we played were “Should I stay or should I go?” by the Clash and “River of Dreams” by Billy Joel.

Let me back up. This was a non-soccer attempt at meeting some new people at in Denver. People in Denver that share my interests, like we talked about. I arrived into the hip Swallow Hill Music School with much mixed anticipation. I was a little worried that, instead of future fun-loving silly cohorts all just-out-of-college-and-lost I would be greeted by angry hipsters mad that I can’t play or sing. As a clamored down the stairs thinking of various excuses for my tardiness I was met with a group that met neither of my expectations. They were out of college…but they were also retired. Sigh. I think that says a lot about how relevant my interest are. I have no idea how to be youthful.

After our strum along was over I made  a mad dash to the library for my first day volunteering!  I was so excited I put my badge on in the car. And I also wore it in Mad Greens, where I grabbed a quick lunch. I saw the cashier read it. I’m pretty sure he was in awe of how cool I was.

Volunteering was so great. Being in the library was so great. (“great,” known for being such a descriptive word…)I think it might be my favorite place in all of Denver. I just keep imagining diving in the books forever and ever. It just feels like where I want to be. I was training with another girl who seemed really cool (we might go to a screening of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers together, Sarah! And Jane Powell will be there! How’dya like them apples?). All the people I met were bright, sweet, and a little bit sassy.

Check out this view from the seventh floor staff lounge(!):

RIGHT?! Ok, not the best picture, but if you get to do the whole 360 degrees thing, it’s pretty nifty. We’re right on Broadway.

Some how, afterwards I still had the energy to go thrifting with Matt to replenish my wardrobe that I’ve out-chubbed. Ugg.

Ok, at the risk of making a too-long post that no one will read anyway, I rounded off today by going to the Denver Art Museum with two of my friends to see the Yves Saint Laurent exhibition. Not being particular to fashion, I still really loved it. At some point it becomes less about fashion and more about incredible design and impeccable taste. Plus, Laurent pretty much invented women’s fashion. There was a world without peacoats!! Who would have thought? Afterwards I treated myself to a little ice cream with Nick. Mmm, ice cream.


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