5: Websites I want to osmosis

I may not know what I want to do and where I’ll be in the future. But I do know what I really like. I want to somehow absorb all the information and sights on these websites because it’s disheartening to me to know that I’m missing out on valuable inspiration. #FirstWorldProblems.

01. TED Talks. I think general opinion agrees that these are all amazing. It’s not that I’ve just discovered it, it’s just that right now I feel like I need to see all of them. I recently thought “Yeah, I’d pay a lot of money to go to one of the conferences.” It would be like my SXSW. And I looked it up and it costs $6,000. ::faints:: Never would I ever expect something to cost that much. I guess that’s why they make killer videos for them, because they’re “ideas worth spreading” and they need rich people to help.

02. Denver Egotist. If any of your followed me on Twitter (and I know none of you do) you would notice the influx of things from the Denver Egotist I tweet. I just love all their design things and videos they post. I often appreciate websites that curate all of the internet’s diamonds in the rough.

03. Co.Design (aka, Fast Company Design). Another resource for things that utterly stun me. Sometimes I forget that these websites are comprised of more than one person. I’m always thinking “How do you have to time to find all these incredible artists?!!? Take a break! Eat ice cream. Be lazy! Like meeeeeee!”

04. The 99 Percent. I just looked at their website and was instantly overwhelmed by things I wanted to click and know about. Carissa insisted I subscribe to their podcast a while ago. I did listened and enjoyed a very small handful, but I appreciate it more when I can actually see the person talking or the images I’m supposed to. So good.

05. Design Envy. Always reliable for a bit of good design. I think it’s always refreshing and interesting because its curated by a different guest designer each week or so.

05.5. GOOD Magazine. Regrettably, I don’t actually read this a lot, but I have it always been like “This is fantastic. I should start reading this more.”

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