5: Things I’m wildly excited for

I have been forced, against my will, to be a catalyst of doing things in Denver by the overwhelming lackadaisy culture here. So I couldn’t find someone to go the Uke Fest with me (what a bummer!) but here are five things I’m so excited for coming down the pipeline.

01. I’m going to help teach HTML/CSS & WordPress classes at the Denver Central Library starting next week. They’re completely free and open to the public, isn’t that neat?!

02 Cliff Kuang from Co.Design is coming to talk next week for an AIGA event. Do you know about Co.Design? Because it’s really good. It’s a division of Fast Company.

03. My friend invited me to a concert at the Bluebird, which he may or may not go to now, but regardless, now Friend B is coming and it’s going to be fun! Ok, I’ve never heard of the band, but I trust his judgment.

04. Towards the end of May, Laura and her friend will be road trippin’ to a Jacklynn near you! We’re going to scout out some things in Denver, mosey up to Wyoming, and do sometime in there as well.

05.  I just bought my ticket for TEDx Mile High. I’m ready to be inspired (or else!)


UPDATE: Umm, I also forgot to say that a bunch of Laramigos and I are going to the Bon Iver/Feist concert at Red Rocks at the end of this month! And I’m going to the live screening of This American Life May 10th. SO MUCH YES.

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