5: Sticky Notes

My New Year’s resolution of reading a little bit every day has fallen a bit on the wayside, not because I’ve stop liking reading, but I’m having a lot of trouble getting into The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test. It is well written, but the subject matter bores me. I feel as if  the book is more about the novelty of drugs rather than…a real story?  It reads to me more like creative journalism than a story to me and so it struggles to get my attention. A good book should surround you.

Since getting my first magazine in the mail from Communication Arts and, in order to fill the reading void, I’ve been excitedly reading it instead. It makes me want to look up all the books or designers that they mention. So here are 5 post-it’s that are sticking out of my magazine right now for me to look up later:

01. Marian Bantjes | Graphic designer

02. Paul Shaw | typographer | “Flawed typefaces” article

03. Just My Type by Simon Garfield

04. Des Edmonds | British typographer

05. Rotis typeface







I have no idea what I should do to start picking up my room again.

NOTE: Many of these is from the the article “Typographic Hat Lists: Tirades, Tantrums, and Truths” by Allan Haley

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