5: Things to eat

I couldn’t think of anything yesterday, sorry. But here are some of the latest recipes we’ve been trying.

01 |  Chicken curry. Very easy to make and oh-so delicious. Creamy, savory, and filling.

02 | Naan. To go with your curry of course. We kind of messed our up and it was still pretty good. Homemade naan is so good. It takes a long time though.

03 | Fluffy Vegan pancakes. For if you’re not vegan but lactose intolerant and are allergic to eggs. (I love my roommate)

04 | General Tso’s Chicken Recipe. Matt & I don’t have a lot of the ingredients and, after makings the chicken himself once, he has opted to just buy them, and despite all these changes this is still so good! (Ex: We don’t have white vinegar or cherry wine, other recipes call for sesame oil and we don’t have that either). Magical Asian goo sauce.

05 | Classic but dairy-free waffles. Matt made these yesterday and they were just so delicious. I’ll have to ask which recipe he used. A little more complicated than you may be used to, but so worth it.

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