5: Inside jokes

Periodically I think about what I could post that would be the most appealing the most people. This is not one of those occasions. It’s often very strange or random what mundane jokes/comments/actions I will really enjoy deep down in my soul. Luckily, my friends can make those comments. Even if they themselves don’t they they’re funny.


ME: And you don’t need to worry about her, I’ll slash her tires.
JORDAN: No job. No car. FIGURE IT OUT.


(Trying to teach Dan how to use the Dropbox…and the internet in general)
DAN: Well I have it so I’ll give it a try to see if this portal works both ways
ME: Don’t forget to click your heels together three times afterwards!
DAN: Man good catch. We all know what happens if you don’t. I would be a half Jackie/Dan and we would have wacky adventures trying to set things normal.


(Matt, explaining his proposed floor plan of the living/dining room. With much dramatic throat clearing and suspense)
MATT: Now…the interior design of the living room is contingent on a kidney bean shaped table.
ME: [Laughter for 10 minutes straight]


(This could come straight out of an indie movie script)
CHRIS: I thought you were supposed to be sad, not me.
ME: Well, are you?
CHRIS: Yeah. Are you?
ME: Yeah.


(Facebook status for Dan’s dog)
TALLY TORO: fell asleep while tebowing today


[SOURCE…I love this tumblr]

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