5: Friends

I didn’t have a Friday 5 because I was hanging out with these jokers over the weekend. Ross, Brendon, Jordan, Matt (you know all about him), and Dan. Some of my favorite people!

They came down from Laramie to go to the Icelandic/Red Rocks concert, but it ended up not working out and they were nice enough to come anyway. It was so great to see them all! Don’t think I could describe how refreshing the experience was if I tried.

These were taken with my crappy camera. But the sentiment is still there.

Matt was able to use some creative finagling in order to get us all in to this picture…

Should I tell you about this weekend? I feel like it would just be a bunch of boring friendship talk to the lay person.

Your Turn:
  1. carissa says:

    I demand exposition! Everyone wants to know what went down!