30 Facts About Me

This was a trending topic on Twitter on Monday and I wanted to do it but I thought doing over Twitter was a little obnoxious. I don’t even know thirty things about myself. Here I go now!

01. I hate driving. (two car accidents, both left turns)

02. Although I’ve been avoiding them for a while now, there is something about processed foods that I really love. (my mom always made homemade foods)

03. I absolutely detest small talk. I can’t do it well and it doesn’t interest me anyway.

04. I like people who make me laugh.

05. I treat inanimate objects (and my Goldfish, Mustard) as if they have emotions.

06. I simply cannot watch scary movies.

07. I am a chronic daydreamer. Even if I have the perfectly poised face of attention, I could actually be in another place completely.

08. I want to learn everything. Languages. Art. Music. Programming. Economics. Science. More literary studies. Carpentry. Auto-mechanics. Tailoring.

09. I would rather write than talk. Social skillz be lackin’.

10. I have an enormous capacity for guilt.

11. I love old Americana.

12. I’m bad at putting away my things.

13. I used to wish that I could trade my art skills to be able to sing. Now I have Matt.

14. I have always been in love with the mountains. Even though the mountains want me to fall down them a lot.

15. Spelling and editing are my weaknesses.

16. I love to be involved and multitask and generally have a high level of commitments and stress.

17. I like to play tennis. But I’m not competitive. It’s ok if you win. You probably will.

18. I’m impatient. I want to do things immediately. Unless I’m procrastinating. Then I never want to do it ever.

19. I admire originality.

20. I like to make lists and write when I’m really overwhelmed and/or stressed.

21. My favorite TV show is 30 Rock. I don’t watch TV though. (i watched all the seasons online over the summer).

22. I hate chick flicks.

23. I like the way my first name is spelled.

24. When I tried to type “spelled” I typed “spelt” first. See fact no. 15.

25. Having long nails drive me crazy.

26. I never know what to say when people ask me what music I like. I have always felt like it was an unfair question and evaluation of whether you’re compatible with someone. There was a large chuck of my life where I refused to answer that question.

27. My favorite drink is fresh young coconut.

28. I prefer glasses. On me and everyone else.

29. I don’t know where I’ll be in a two years.

30. It takes me far too long to distinguish my right from my left.

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