It’s not cheating if it’s delicious

Think about this: You get home after a long day of work, starving because you also half-heartedly packed your own lunch…

organic, roasted red pepper tomato soup


grilled, swiss cheese sandwich on multi-gain bread

Can ya dig it?

Simple, but delicious. Not that I’m a real tomato soup connoisseur, but I can vouch for the tastiness of Pacific’s roasted red pepper & tomato soup. I am actually not a huge fan of tomato soup otherwise. Oh, and don’t even both making your grilled cheese sandwich if you’re not going to butter your oblong grandma bread. You’ll ruin it for everyone else.

Also, it’s perfect for the chilly weather. Like today, where it snowed about 80 feet and the about 1 million people got in car accidents*.


*actual rates may vary

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