I want to go to there

So. Crazy. I have done something everyday for several days in a row now. There was an event at work today as I was leaving, even, but I passed it up. I’m starting to get restless and want to be more independent of others, I think. So let me catch you up (Thank my 5 Year Diary for reminding me what has happened).


As I left my last Friday 5, the always-charming Matt and I met up after work for greasy, cheap Chinese food and a night of fun. We started off the evening with one of his favorite movies: The Bunny House. This was an admittedly surprising revelation for me, but Matt of course was right: it was a funny movie in a ridiculous way (Rotten Tomatoes vehemently disagrees…). Not my usual, but oh-so enjoyable in the good company I was with. Emma Stone’s character, Natalie, was uncannily like me–we both agreed. Matt even said that he could see me saying everything she had said and that we had a very similar speech pattern. I’m ok with that. Embrace it.

Matt is a this natural fiddler-carpenter-crafter extraordinaire and I told him that the manic-craft-girl bloggers would go mad for him. He had no idea what I was talking about so I showed him How About Orange‘s blog that turned his reservation to unrestrained excitement. We immediately proceeded to make the origami bats in the name of Halloween.

Mine is the yellow hobo  bat and his is the immaculate red bat.


After a very lovely breakfast with Matt, I enthusiastically drove him to the airport so he could go an quaint vacation. I’m going to miss him over Halloween weekend…

Evan and some of his friends were in town and after a lot of back and forth, they made and executive decision not to meet up with me that day because I wanted to go to a silent-auction-live-music-crazy-good-time event at my office. It was all of those things. I really enjoyed hanging out with the people at work! So glad I went.


I putz around all morning waiting to meet up with Evan and his friend at the Denver Art Museum. And while waiting I read Bob‘s and Sarah‘s blogs about their respective adventures in foreign lands. My heart ached with how proud I am of them and how much I admired them. It was so energizing and refreshing to read about their bravery and optimism about their lives. My friends are truly wonderful.

Eventually I met up with the Evan gang, went to the museum, and then ate very yummy food at City O’ City (Where hipsters can just be hipsters!). It’s vegan-vegetarian restaurant. Evan & Ryan ordered this magical sandwich that I can’t remember the name of and their website is under construction…it had chili jam though [update: it’s called The Saison]. Remember that.


Monday was shaping up to be a pretty normal day. I worked all day and stayed after to work some more. At the end of the day I was talking to Chris about his last night in Laramie. I increasingly got more and more excited about his European future. And then at 6:15 pm it occurred to me that I could go to Laramie and see him off! I could do it! At 6:30 I left directly from work and made the 2+ hour drive to Laramie and had a grand old time. SO worth it! Adventures and friends always are! I miss those characters so much. They share my sense of humor, my energy, there’s no “there’s the new kid,” but just zesty greetings, laughter, teasing, biting wit, sarcasm, and cheers. Mmmm, tastes good. Denver’s great, but Denver doesn’t get me like these guys do.


So after not sleeping at all, Chris and I left Laramie at 4:30am to drive escort him to DIA. It was a great little trip and caught up on our respective going-ons. Work was a bit brutal and I staggered home at 6:30 (after 36 hours of being awake) and slept for about 12 hours.


Kyle B. and I had scheduled to meet-up for tea at Lollicup and by the time we left what else was happening but yet another event at my building. We scooted out, bought our tea, and snuck back in to enjoy free, delicious catering and good company. Again, I stayed way later than necessary, but really enjoyed talking to people at work. Why are they such good people? I’m so lucky. Ian made me realize that I’m a lingerer who never wants to miss out and maybe that’s the only thing preventing me from being madly anti-social.

Good times, great people :)

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