Ich bin traurig

I do not feel happy and I probably shouldn’t be blogging because you know how I feel about only posting happy, optimistic things (that I should).


I can’t even think of anything to say that would be entertaining. I’ll tell it like a story:

So I have been in Colorado now for 6 weeks tomorrow. Things have been exciting and new. It’s so weird not to have classes. More specifically, not have a group of like-minded, similar-aged people forced to be with you in a situation where making friends/enemies is inevitable. So it’s always weird not have a community of friends. If you couldn’t tell, I’ve been forcing myself to go to events and “be young” to meet some people. Rockies game, Tour de Fat, First Friday…but it’s kind of hard because I feel like I’m isolated from the city here in Aurora.

I guess everything had been bumping along. Excitement mixed with trepidation, mixed with looking forward and longing for the past—To be as vague and cryptic as possible. But with my the start of my very neat jobs, I felt like things were on the up-and-up. Things were going well. I met some awesome friends at Tour de Fat. And on Thursday, quite frankly, I was having a marvelous day. Like, one of those days where nothing happened in particular, but things were going so well that suddenly, in the middle of it, you have an epiphany and realize you’re just happy.

That morning, I had gotten up early and had actually gotten out the door on time. Traffic was a killer and it took me an hour to get to work, but I was listening to this This American Life podcast, which made things feel like they were going even faster than they were. Got into work. Had delicious coffee provided by Coda, and I had remembered to bring my half-and-half from home so it was sinfully creamy. I even chatted a bit with someone else who worked in the building without embarrassing myself.

I had packed a left-over peach scone from St. Mark’s Coffeehouse from a friend-date I had with someone the night before so for the first time I didn’t have to starve through the day. I felt productive at work, was doing some exciting things. Someone called for me! We had an interesting team meeting. My penmanship was called upon. The waters were calm.

We got out a little late that day because we were trying to regroup after a two-day absence of part of the team. I left work at 6pm thinking: Things are going well. I might not have to take out any money to pay my mom back for my new macbook! I should buy a chair for my office so I don’t have to sit in that uncomfortable one they gave me anymore. I went to an Office Max up the street, an after much debate, purchased a simple, compact chair that I thought would fit in with the size of my office.

On my way out of the of the strip mall, I was observing my GPS, thinking about where I had to go next at a stop light. The light turned green and pulled out and turned left. There was a honk and a middle-aged lady furiously pointing her finger at me and yelling from her car. Then a crash. The lady leaped out of the car and continued yelling and pointing. “You stupid idiot! Pull over! Pull over right now! Pull over! etc etc” She was standing in front of my car, but eventually, I was able to get out of the intersection and pull over (like I, or any other normal person would have done anyway). I got out of the car. She said “You are a stupid idiot” several times at different intervals and volumes for emphasis. I kind of let her do that. She asked some belligerent rhetorical questions, some of which I answered.

I mean, I could go on, but basically I am sans car right now. Deciding between $3,500 worth of repairs for a not-that-great car in the first place or getting a new (used) car.

So, to be continued (because this is already horribly long):

1) Tow-ride home

2) My first foray into Public transportation in Denver

3) Work in general?

Your Turn: