How did they find me?

First, here’s the blog post about the presentation I helped Dave with at Lone Tree Elementary.

Hmmm, there is a pile of letters from student loan providers piling up on my desk. Hmm!

Anyway, besides my surprise at banks being able to find me here in Colorado, today was a good day. Although it felt good, it also made me a little nervous because over the summer I have found that every time something good happens, its followed immediately by something horrible. Like hyper-karma. For instance, today on my drive home I was playing a little Iron & Wine because I was in that kind of mood. I was heading home late, it was dark and the roads were spotted with cars. The music was mellow and fit the calm I was feeling.

I missed my turn. Got lost. Drove into on coming traffic. Did a quick U-turn. Drove two miles back to the correct exit.

Not great, but I’m not going to let it ruin my day. I felt really busy and productive at work. Plus, on Sunday, Matt helped me put together a desk from IKEA for my office. I love love love it! I have never had so much working space!! And it’s all I’ve ever wanted.

Except now I have a wall of post-its around it too, per the SCRUM method. Which, by the way, I really like! I feel like it keeps me super focused. Any managerial style the requires post-its is my kind of managerial style. I love post-its.

Evan sent me this draft of a painting he’s working for my office:

Doesn’t exactly scream “Jacklynn” does it?  I’m starting to think Evan is annoyed by me and this is how he’s trying to tell me. But that’s a story for another day. I really like it though, despite what you might think. I am a fan of street art.

Besides that, at work we’re planning for a big party and that was fun because I like organizing things.

The LoDo District gave me a fun flier to work on and suggested a couple more neat projects for me to work on in the future. I am so happy I have this internship.

I’m also considering getting acupuncture after being around Matt. I like to think they will fix all my flaws and I will become a superhero. Let’s give it the ‘ole see.

How are you doing?

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