Regular posting again? Win!

Ok, so 30 Rock is hands down my favorite comedic TV show. It has all the things that make laugh: the dark, the dry, and the absurd.  Even though I could never watch it during school, I watched every single season on my computer this summer. Mmmm, so good!

So it would only be natural that I would be excited for Tina Fey’s book, Bossypants, which my mother conveniently had on audiobook upon my arrival back to the Omaha/humidity. To be honest, I had heard about it in passing before but had forgotten about it. Then, my friend Bob texted me while reading it in an airport to tell me I had to read it. He said that her humor reminded him so much of me. Which is to say that it was sarcastic and largely self-deprecating.

I am currently on disc five (which I would have finished yesterday if it hadn’t gotten stuck in my iMac) and…gosh, I like Tina Fey. I’m fairly sure every girl who thinks she is somewhat witty believes that she has “a lot in common with Tina Fey,” so….no, yeah I totally do think I do too. At least as humor goes. One part that really stuck out to me in the book was when she was talking about The Gift of Anxiety. That’s me to a tee! I’ve actually written about how much I appreciate my anxiety and almost constant guilt as a way to make me an obsessively upstanding citizen and Puritan worker.

So I was thinking about the possibility of my writing like her on my blog (I’m already pretty dry on my Facebook page), but then I realized that I’ve barely let out an inkling of my humor on this blog. It’s like this blog is an alter ego where I try to mimic the inhuman craftiness of One Pearl Button and/or the domestic perfect that is Summer Harms (currently AWOL because of a new baby).  Not that this blog isn’t me. I am oddly optimistic and hyper-encouraging to everyone, while at the same time being extremely dark and full of self-loathing. Which I feel like is kind of what Tina Fey describes in her book: she’ll describe herself as shy and non-confrontational in her interactions with others, but at the same time we’re listening to her shrewd inner monologue.

Anyway, what I’m getting at is that maybe I’ll try to be more me, in that bi-polar way that is me. I should give up on the idea that I will draw in viewers by being perfect (an idea that had numerous flaws to begin with) and try to just…I don’t know…whatever. Maybe. Let’s see. I keep getting this ideas that I don’t execute.

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